Since 1992 the San Michele Restaurant has been combining the experience of traditional Italian food with the magic atmosphere of Trastevere, the center of the most genuine Roman spirit; this fusion gives birth to an unforgettable life event for foreigners as well as for Romans.
The restaurant is located in an ancient courtyard of the San Michele Monumental Complex, a former children shelter wanted by Pope Innocenzo XI in the late 17th century, and now part of Rome’s architectural heritage. The area’s original look has been preserved and enriched so that now an enchanted garden hosts our dining hall.
Our customers have the chance to dine in the open air any time of the year enjoying the delicate “Ponentino” wind during the summer, and protected by a crystal gazebo during the cold seasons.
Our menu is as striking as the awesome environment, Italy’s best ingredients and most famous specialties are combined in a generous variety of marvelous dishes which mean to satisfy any taste and desire and to make every meal a surprise; from the antipasto to the dessert everything in prepared with love, passion and deep knowledge of the art of Italian cooking. Our rich wine selection will pair any choice of yours and enhance the pleasure of eating.
If you want to have a bite of history and tradition, if you wish to live a moment lost in time, if you need to relax and to feel cuddled in a dreamy atmosphere, San Michele Restaurant is where you’ll get a priceless experience at a reasonable price!
Rely on us, believe in Rome’s magic and make a wish touching our “Fountain of Dreams”: we’ll take care of the rest!